Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Angry Birds Seasons v2.2 - The Year Of Dragon (2012) PC Game Mediafire

Angry Birds Seasons v2.2
The Year Of Dragon (2012) PC Game Mediafire

It was a dark and stormy night… but that won’t stop the Angry Birds! Pursue the pigs through 30 levels filled with pumpkin patches, exploding jack-o-lanterns, and creepy skeletons, lit by a full moon and eerie lantern light. You’ll get some unexpected help from a BRAND NEW BIRD – he starts out small, but don’t let his looks fool you! Complete all the levels to find some special tricks and treats! This year’s Halloween episode marks a year of great Angry Birds Seasons episodes, but we’re not done yet! Download now to get access to 205 great levels! Get ready for Ham’o’ween with the latest Angry Birds Seasons update! It’s going to be all tricks and no treats for the pigs this year, especially with a brand new bird!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Agneepath (2012) DvdScr 450MB MKV Mediafire

Agneepath (2012)

While partaking in a debate on remakes for a leading news channel, the host posed a query to me: Do you think that a cult movie should be remade? Why restructure or revise the sacredness of a film that's so perfect? I instantly put forth my perspective and responded that if a brand is remade with a contemporary approach and in-the-running stars and if there is an enthusiastic audience to watch the cinema, I don't see any harm in recreating a famed work of genius. All I expect is the makers don't make a mishmash of the cult movie. It should come across more as an acknowledgment to the masterwork. But there's a flipside to what I mentioned above! The actors and film-makers involved in remaking a classic cannot escape minute and meticulous evaluation and comparisons because cineastes are going to walk in with predetermined conceptions. Remakes come with a certain baggage. Matching the standards and aesthetics of the original is the prime criteria.

Friday, 27 January 2012

18 Year Old Virgin (2009) DvdRip Mediafire Download

18 Year Old Virgin (2009)

She Has One Night to Lose it All. Not as Easy as You'd Think.She Has One Night to Lose it All. Not as Easy as You'd Think.She Has One Night to Lose it All. Not as Easy as You'd Think.She Has One Night to Lose it All. Not as Easy as You'd Think.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Angel (2011) DvdRip Mediafire

Angel (2011) DvdRip  Mediafire


ANGEL, two uncommon people meet the most unusual way. This is not a love story, but a story of love.story of a beautiful but challenged girl and a handsome young man trying to make their romance flourish in a difficult social circumstance. It is easy to blame young men for taking advantage of wheelchair-bound women, but not all such men have nefarious motives !


Zoom in (real dimensions: 500 x 753)      Zoom in (real dimensions: 500 x 667)
mostly of white men and women, watches entranced, as Janardan from Pitampura, now Jordan the rockstar in harem pants and a modified Gandhi topi, sing a Punjabi sufi-rock song. As an event, there’s absolutely nothing amiss here. Everybody listens to anything. Except in the film Rockstar, it is a moment of perfect unease.
Jordan is the highest-selling artist of an Indian record company named Platinum Records, which is manned by a Punjabi who also sells pop versions of Hindu mata ki chowki chants. He is a boy from Pitampura who made it big. He is embittered in love. And he sings beautiful Punjabi-Sufi blues. How does he become the musical prodigy the world listens to? Largely by being forced to keep away from the woman he loves—Heer, a Kashmiri woman who is now married and lives in a castle in Prague. His music has soulful venom; it’s beautiful music. But he is certainly not a rockstar who can swing a gig at Prague and have millions throng it—the film so far does not justify or explain it, except that he has to be in Prague to find his love back. The hysterical fans just happen to be waiting there for Delhi’s Jordan.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Trick To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar From Blogger

clip image00111 Trick To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar From BloggerWhenever you use any  blogger template they have a blogger navigation bar which look’s  very unprofessional  as it hangs on top of every page.Using this trick you can remove the navigation bar from any blogger template.For removing the navigation bar we will tweak the HTML of your template (don’t worry its easy)
You should also read how to add Unique Descrption in blogger for better Seo results

How to Send Colorful Text in Facebook Chat

How to Send Colorful Text in Facebook ChatFacebook has restricted its user to chat in black text due concerns of server overloading and speed. But now you are no longer bound to chat in black text. There are some special codes for you that empower you to send colourful text in chat. This trick is solely based on the fact that when profile ID’s are inserted in between square brackets, it automatically transforms into the profile picture. These ID’s are specially created for this purpose.

The Dirty Picture (2011) DVDRIP 400MB MKV Mediafire Download

The Dirty Picture (2011)


Zoom in (real dimensions: 500 x 667)Vidya Balan’s much-in-talks movie, ‘The Dirty Picture’ eventually hits the screens with grandeur aplomb and oomph. Balaji Telefilms’ mega project is on every tongue and this is the movie which has been churned out on every corner. The huge hype has been done for the movie. The masses watched the voluptuous-sexy-dusky Vidya along with the leading cast and crew everywhere – on TV shows, events and parties. The production house did not leave any stone unturned to make this venture ‘an apple of every eye’. Ekta Kapoor wanted to inject the flick into every moviegoer’s soul and she succeeded utterly in doing so.

Jodi Breakers (2012) Mp3 Songs Mediafire

Jodi Breakers (2012)

Kunwara has hangover of Band Baaja Baarat, but still-a groovy one. Bipasha is a passable one except the 'qawwali'ish part sung by Shadab (?). The next three tracks are something worth. Darmiyaan starts with aalap exactly same as an Atif's solo, and have traces another film song of him- though Shafaqat & Clinton makes us fall in love with the track. Also the reprise by Shreya is lovely. Mujhko Teri zaroorat hai and Jab Mein Tumhare Saath Hoon both has that mushy flavor, a Salim-Suleiman trademark. Overall, an average fare, makes one wonder what has happened to the duo who gave some fabulous tracks in past. The sound is getting repetitive these days. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

DIRTY GIRL (2011) DVDRip 350MB Download Mediafire


Dirty Girl (2010) DVDRip 350MB

A comedic story of the search for identity and the redemptive power of unexpected friendship. Danielle is the dirty girl of Norman High School. When Danielle’s misbehavior gets her banished to special ed, she teams up with an innocent closet-case and together they head out on a road trip to discover each other and themselves through a funny and serendipitous friendship.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Group Sex (2010) DVDScr 400MB Mediafire

                                             Group Sex (2010)



Lawrence Trilling


Lawrence Trilling, Greg Grunberg


 Josh Cooke, Greg Grunberg and Odette Annable

Dream House (2011) DVDScr 400MB Mediafire


                                          Dream House (2011)

Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling.
Jim Sheridan
David Loucka (screenplay)
 Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts

The Change-Up (2011) DVDScr 400MB Mediafire

The Change-Up (2011)

Dave is a married man with two kids and a loving wife , and Mitch is a single man who is at the prime of his sexual life. One fateful night while Mitch and Dave are peeing in a fountain when lightning strikes and they switch bodies.
David Dobkin
Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
 Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde

Saturday, 7 January 2012



Description: Michael Karleone became the Don of New York, but it is - only the first step to build his own criminal empire. The second part «Godfather» you will get much more power over the illegal business and will be able to back the boundaries of the impact, destroying your competitors and conquer other towns. Thanks to the innovative treatment Don's View, you will feel the powerful leader of a criminal syndicate. Build, protect and expand their own empire, to closely monitor the actions of their enemies, and then the criminal Olympus long remain in your hands.
Godfather II combines the features of first-class fighter, and prudent in detail the strategy. You give orders and make responsible decisions with long-effects and at the same time personally involved in a brutal fight. The rapid chases, thrilling skirmishes, violent fights - all left in the game, but to the grave acts added strategic calculation. This mixture of decisive action and careful planning of smb's head, even the most experienced players.
• Total control. At a global three-dimensional map of the city lies before you as the palm of your hand. Wise to choose the next goal decides who to punish, but to provide protection. Only good planning will help stay on top of the criminal world.
• Living Places. This world does not revolve around you, at least so far. In addition to your family, there are other, sometimes less powerful organizations. They pursue the same goal - to subjugate all the crime in the United States - and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Your every action, and often pushes competitors to the omission of a step. In Godfather II, all interconnected as never before!
• Criminal geography. Their superiority to you to prove, not only in New York and Florida, as well as in Cuba. Each region is characterized by a unique distribution of powers, the special conditions, and many smaller exclusive details such as new cars, weapons and clothing.
• Feel gangsters. You are waiting for the shooting, fights and dizzying chase on a busy street.
• Personnel issues. In Godfather II you start a «carrier» is already sitting in the chair, Don, and then, you knows its personnel in the organization. Extend the state, appoints the responsible «employees», looking for professionals and specialists. In the criminal world, every soldier has a specialty: someone knows the sense of explosives, someone knows how to heal the wounded - intelligent enough applicants, it is important to make the right choice. Well, you can always defaulter «dismiss» ...

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